We are very happy to announce the update to our web hosting service. 

We have been in Dallas (North America Package) and Singapore (Asia Package) for the last 3 years. While they have served us well, its time to update things to work a little better. We built 3 new setups. We now have USA-East out of New Jersey. USA-West out of California. Asia out of Singapore. 

The new setup will allow us to better scale with our customers, which is going to result in better performance for everyone. 

In addition, we have automated the location setting during sign up. By default, pick nothing, and we will put you in a random region somewhere in the USA. But if you so choose, you can pick any of our 3 new regional setups, and it will auto provision upon payment. No more manual setups and waiting!

If you are an existing customer, we will happily migrate your site. Just submit a helpdesk ticket and we'll get right on it. Stay tuned for more happenings at Stress Free Host! 


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