VPS Hosting

Give your website and applications a cost effective dedicated environment

Complete Control - Linux VPS Hosting

Have you ever been called a control freak? Do you hate the thought of having your web site hosted along other sites and not having full control of the environment? We get it! Choose a VPS and get your own slice of a super powered dedicated server, just for you.

Instant Provisioning

We deploy your VPS soon as you submit a payment. Only takes a few minutes and you'll have details in your inbox.

Easy Control Panel

We provide a FREE and easy to use control panel for you to manage your server's basic setup and functionality.

No Noisy Neighbors

Shared hosting sometimes can slow your site way down. If you don't want to stress about it, a VPS seperates you from the crowd.

Entry Level VPS Nodes

Little Slice


Medium Slice


Big Ole Slice


Domain Hosting

Need a home for your domain? Let us do it for you!

We built our own dedicated DNS infrastructure, hosted in geographically diverse locations throughout the USA. We also have our DNS management utilities baked right into our client area. No longer do you need to login to other systems to manage your records. Easy and stress free.

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